What are the indispensable ingredients of a good thriller?    Interesting characters, unexpected twists and turns of the story, action including a nice gunshot (or two…). Add a lovingly decorated stage,  good acting, and a pinch of  sophisticated humour – voilà - the result is Sleuth, the play which was on  at Vienna’s English theatre  until 25th Feb (sorry, folks, it’s too late now…).

This year we were a group of 39 theatre enthusiasts from our school, all of them either ‘Top League’ students or pupils from class 4c as well as a few teachers, who made it to one of the last shows on 23 February.

Sleuth, the Tony Award winning  thriller  by the well-known British playwright Anthony Shaffer,  describes the cruel cat and mouse game between aging Andrew Wyke, celebrated author of  crime stories,  and his wife’s lover,  handsome but penniless Milo Tindle. What starts out as a neighbourly visit to Wyke’s beautiful mansion, soon develops into an ingenious, though lethal confrontation between two devious minds. Needless to say that this encounter

cannot have a happy ending…..



“Clever, intricate…It is good, neat, clean and bloody fun.” – The New York Times


“A clever and enjoyable piece … full of energy, sophistication and brilliant humour.”  – The London Theatre Guide


“I found the actors authentic and the play was very thrilling.  At first the plot was a little bit confusing, but in the end I understood it. I would recommend it for everyone who has some sort of black humor and likes the English language.” Jessica, 2A


“The play was easy to understand and the actors were very, very good. The shots were a little bit scary and from the first row you couldn't see the whole stage.”

Simone, 3B


“The play was very amusing and the actors did their job very well. The plot was easy to understand but the real shots were very loud because we were sitting in the second row.”

Isabel, 3B


“The play was very interesting. The actors did a good job and were very realistic. I really enjoyed it and maybe I’ll watch another play.”

Belinda, 3B