Sarah Stradling - English Language Assistant 2020/2021

My name is Sarah and I’m the English Language Assistant at the BHAK Korneuburg this year. I’m from Cincinnati, Ohio and I graduated this past year with a Bachelor’s degree in History, German and International Studies from Ohio State University. Working as a Teaching Assistant has been the perfect next step for me. Not only have I been able to explore Vienna and learn about a country I had never visited before, but I’ve also been able to learn so much about the teaching profession by observing the wonderful BHAK teachers in action.

I feel so lucky to be teaching English in Korneuburg this year. No matter if it’s online or in person, my classes have been full of great discussions about topics ranging from American business etiquette to cultural opinions of genetically modified foods. Along the way, my students have also taught me a lot about Austrian culture and the education system here. The atmosphere among teachers and students is always friendly and positive and I can’t wait to finish off the year strong. Thanks for welcoming me into the school, especially in the midst of such a challenging year!