Engl. Theater

Of course it’s not the end of the year, as these lines from John Lennon’s X-mas carol might suggest, but another school-year has come to an end alright. To celebrate the occasion, a group of “culture-vultures” from classes 3C and 4A had a lovely night out at Vienna’s English Theatre on 22nd June. The play we watched was “Run for your wife”, a hilarious comedy by Ray Cooney. The play is about London taxi-driver John Smith, who leads a double life with two households, two wives and, as you can imagine, a very tight schedule…… Disaster looms when he is hit on the head by an old lady whom he (ironically) tries to protect from two muggers. Poor John ends up in hospital, police are involved and John is entangled in an incredible net of lies….

We had a delightful evening at the theatre and, hopefully, we will “do it again” some time next year, when “another (school)year has begun”. Thanks for coming along, girls!!

B. Kasa-Zimmermann