This was the aim of the ABCi-English week, which took place from 20 to 24 February 2017 and involved the students of year 1 and 3 of “HAK International”.

Two native speakers, Amanda (USA) and Luci (UK), lead us (3AK) through the week. Divided into two groups, our first task was to come up with cool team names, which were Yellow Bright Sunshines and Extravagant Adorable Ladies. In these teams, we played many games, sang funny songs and made quizzes. As our teachers asked us what we would like to do, we always had a lot of fun.

However, of course we didn`t play games all the time. We learnt many interesting details about America and England. For the creative people among us, it was pretty cool to write an own rap.

The highlight of the week was the drama play that all groups practiced throughout the whole week and which was presented on stage on Friday. It was hilarious and everyone enjoyed it. The new Anglophobes showed that they are talented actors and interested in speaking English.

As we talked English the whole week, we were able to improve our pronunciation and learn new words. Learning by doing would describe almost every activity we did and overall it was a very memorable week.

Ilias Chnaris and Alexandra Fenderl, 3AK