The Mousetrap

A cosy, though increasingly claustrophobic guesthouse, cut off from the world by a terrible snowstorm – it is here that a group of eight complete strangers is stranded. Each of them has their own well-kept secret and … one of them is a murderer.

It was Agatha Christie, the British “Queen of Crime” of the last century, who wrote “The Mousetrap” back in the early 1950s and the play has certainly made history. After all, it has been on since 1952 without interruption (no, that is not a typo!) and is said to be the longest-running play of all time.

So there was good reason for nearly 40 students from our school - all of them “Top Leaguers” and 2c students – to join the tens of thousands of theatre-goers who know the identity of the murderer, but who would NEVER reveal it.

The Mousetrap

P.S… Is there anybody out there who can still remember? The last time HAK students and teachers attended a performance of “The Mousetrap” was back in the year 2000…!

It was my first time in an English theatre and I really liked it. It was interesting and kind of funny.  (Nicole)

The play was very thrilling and I liked it. It was very easy to understand and to follow the story. (Nina S.)

I really enjoyed the play. I haven’t been in a theatre for quite some time now. 
I was really impressed by the actor who played the policeman. 
Overall it was a great experience and an amazing performance by all the actors. (Nina G.)