My name is Phoebe and I have been the English Language Assistant at the BHAK Korneuburg for the second term of this school year. I am 21 years old and originally from Sheffield, which is a city in the North of England. I am now studying for my degree in French and German at University College London, which includes a Year Abroad that I have chosen to split between Lyon in France and here, in Vienna and Korneuburg.


I have enjoyed my time in Austria very much. I already knew Vienna to be a fantastic city and I have loved getting to know it (and its Apfelstrudel!) better as an inhabitant. I also feel lucky to have been placed at schools here in Korneuburg, since it is a lovely town and my time working at the BHAK has been full of helpful, friendly, and supportive people.


It has been great fun getting to know the pupils and an absolute pleasure to help them with their English and teach them a little bit about my country and its culture! Sadly, I am doing this right as Brexit is just coming into action, but I sincerely hope that programmes such as this one will carry on whatever the political circumstances may be since it is undoubtedly a fantastic opportunity for the assistant and for the pupils!


I will be sad to come to the end of a wonderful three and a half months, but I already have plans to come back to Austria this summer and explore more of what I have found to be a great country.