Englisches Theater 2018

On 21 February 2018 all students in their third, fourth and fifth years of the BHAK Korneuburg attended the English performance of Philip Dart’s THE VISIT, which was brought to the Stadtsaal of Korneuburg by Vienna’s English Theatre School Tours.

These are some excerpts of the students‘ comments:

The Visit is about a girl who commits suicide on campus. A police detective visits three students to find out if they know the victim. It seems that each of them had something to do with her death.

I liked the play because it shows how deeply someone can be hurt. Each of the interviewed students denies any wrongdoing at first, but in the end they all have to admit their part in her suicide. No one wants to be responsible for their actions, but the play shows that what we do always affects other people’s lives.

Clemens Lachmann, 4a


The plot was easy to follow and the flashbacks showing Lucy’s life made the play very interesting. I didn’t like the end very much because it was so sudden.

Alexandra Fenderl, 4a


I liked it because they had popular music and the language was that of adolescents. … I didn’t like the ending because it’s not clear why she killed herself.

Evelyn Rossik, 4a


I liked the play since it showed the impact of bullies on the victim. The story was dramatic with many turns and twists. I liked the flashbacks.

Philipp Drexler, 4a